Sunday, October 18, 2009

peasants children

Many of the agricultural industries in Mexico, big producers of fruits and vegetables, located in Baja California, Sonora, Sinaloa, Chihuahua, and Tamaulipas, which have enormous territorial extensions and great volume of production, demands big agricultural work force; this labor comes from indigenous-migrant peasants. This corporations hire woman and children to work in the fields.
This landowners would not by machinery for the harvest, they rather give poor salaries to their workers. All the monetary benefits are only for the landowner who receives high gains exporting the product, according to Namensio & D. Lozano authors of "Infancia vulnerable: el caso de los ninos jornaleros agricolas migrantes de la montana de Guerrero, 2002.
This agricultural corporations respond to marketing demands by using new technologies like biotechnology, bio genetic which allow gain product variety and introduce them to the market when there is high demand. These systems make shorter the agricultural circles; the peasants are fired right after the harvest.
Harold R. Kerbo, author of "Social Stratification and Inequality" explains that thanks to export agriculture, capital -intensive farming methods, the food is now more expensive, poor peasnats are bieng pushed off the land so more land can be used to grow crops for the world market, and more machines are doing teh work, resulting in fewer jobs for the poor peasants. As a result, urbanization has increased as peasants lose jobs and land since they move to the cities hoping to find better oportunities. The profits of exporting agriculture always go to a small group of wealthy landowners and large multinational agrobusiness with peasants losing jobs, income and land.