Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tanuka & Shikivindavi (cosmic myth)

photo by Sandra G. Trevino
"Myths are sacred stories or narrations about the gods. They are a system of beliefs about events and facts about how things happen and the norms on social relations," according to Claude Levi-Straus,anthropologist.
A pair of twin brothers,(son and moon); they were born from a couple of eggs. Both would realize heroic actions and deliver the people from danger. But mainly they will kill the serpent shiquivindavi of seven heads to whom the sacrifice of young girls are offered; All these heroic actions are done with the help of animals.
After the danger pass, the younger brother (moon) has intimate relations with a woman with teeth inside her vagina. The younger brother (moon) using an instrument removes the teeth from her vagina and that's why the feminine genitals bleed, inaugurating the menstrual cycle and iniciated the woman's capability for procreation. The son and the moon are celestial gods, they act in duality and their actions establish the order of the cosmos and the earth. The moon is associated with the woman menstrual cicle and her procreation capability.